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Thursday, December 07, 2006

While NH Moves to the Left, Sununu Dives to the Right

  • New Hampshire: Fresh off his admonition to people crazy enough to complain about health care, it comes out that Republican incumbent John Sununu was instrumental in returning Trent Lott to the Senate GOP Leadership.

    The Hill reports that Sununu was a "strong supporter" of the right winger Lott, who was driven from the GOP Senate Leadership four years ago because of racially insensitive comments, over the comparatively moderate Lamar Alexander.

    So, while New Hampshire moves to the left (flipping both Congressional seats from R to D in 2006 and re-electing their Democratic Governor by a huge margin), Sununu has the opportunity to opt for the leadership of a relatively moderate Senator, but chooses the radical right winger. Quite a statement on how out of touch Sununu is with his constituents.


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