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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

GOP Senators Bad for Veterans, and more

Enjoy these Tuesday morning tidbits:

  • Empowering Veterans takes a thorough look at the actual records of GOP Senators who claim to "support the troops," but their Senate votes indicate anything but. Fact sheets on the records of their top 10 targets can be found here. Captain Ralph Parrott SC, USN (ret.) unveils their top 10 targets:

    The "Worst 10" on issues relating to members of the Armed Forces and their families and veterans and their families are:

    Alexander of Tennessee
    Chambliss of Georgia
    Cochran of Mississippi
    Coleman of Minnesota
    Cornyn of Texas
    Dole of North Carolina
    Graham of South Carolina
    Roberts of Kansas
    Sessions of Alabama
    Sunnunu of New Hampshire

    Empowering Veterans’s strategy for the next election cycle is very simple.

    *We will track ("Bird Dog") each target incumbent’s voting record on issues relating to members of the Armed Forces their families and veterans and their families.
    *We will maintain that record on our website,
    *We will recruit volunteers in each targeted state to conduct Letters to the Editor campaigns to keep each incumbent’s record of deceit and hypocrisy constantly before his or her constituents.
    *We will encourage veterans to run against these incumbents.
    *We will raise money to support those veterans that do run against these incumbents.
    Seems like a terrific effort, debunking another GOP myth and demonstrating how morally bankrupt and lacking in vision these GOP Senators' priorities are.

  • New Hampshire: MyDD diarist JFMDC follows Sprintin' John Sununu's near-incomprehensible waffling on Iraq. I don't know what is worse. Is it that John Sununu runs away frightened from reporters or that, when reporters catch up to him, he says things like:

    Asked last week if he still stood by his 2002 vote authorising the use of force, [Republican John] Sununu, who has served just one term in the Senate, said: "I can't answer that question. I don't know what the answer to that question is or should be.
    and also like:

    "You know where I stand," the senator, who is considered politically vulnerable back home, said repeatedly as he fled down stairways at the Capitol. "I'm still looking."
    Just cowardly.

  • Louisiana: Salon offers a look at Louisiana's shift red, both why it happened and what its political implications could mean, including for Senator Mary Landrieu. This passage nutshells it:

    As Gallup's latest survey of partisan self-identification reveals, largely because of Katrina Louisiana is the only state in which Democrats lost ground relative to Republicans since 2005, reclassifying it from a Democratic-leaning state to "competitive."
    We have much work to do here, and the GOP smells blood.


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