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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Preparing for... Something

  • New Mexico: Is Pajamas Pete Domenici preparing for subpoenaed testimony or perhaps a censure in the Senate or maybe even a full-out obstruction of justice investigation? Well, he has hired crooked Duke Cunningham's legal representation (not a great symbol of his professed innocence). TPM and MyDD have details. Lee Blalack has experience representating the obscenely guilty before, so we'll see how it works out for Pajamas Pete. The DSCC also offers its recap of Domenici's improprieties.

  • Nebraska: Hagel news is coming, so suggests the Omaha World-Herald. What that news is, we're not sure. Concurrent Presidential and Senate re-election bid? One but not the other? Neither? He's acting like a Presidential candidate - the question is whether or not he'll retire from the Senate. Chuck Schumer, Mike Fahey, and I will all be watching closely. (HT: PW)

  • North Carolina: Blue South has more in his "Does Liddy Dole really live in North Carolina" investigation.


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