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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday Night Round-Up

  • The NRSC has apparently put out a guidebook for Republican Senators on how to avoid "macaca" moments. Hey, I have a suggestion on how to avoid "macaca" moments: don't be racist. The corollary for Republican Senators is that if you are unavoidably, immutably racist, at least don't get caught on video making racist remarks.

  • Bad news for all those Senate Republicans who were hoping Iraq wouldn't be as big an issue after September. Bush and Iraq will continue to be an anchor on anyone with an (R) next to their name.

  • Another sign that Senate Republicans up for re-election in 2008 are in trouble: Bush's annual dinner to raise money for the NRSC and NRCC took in, by far, the lowest amount of Bush's Presidency.

  • Just for kicks, the DSCC has assembled another collection of quotes by Senate Republicans up for re-election in 2008 reminding us all of just how much they have adored Bush over the years.

  • South Carolina: I just discovered the blog Dump Lindsey Graham. Kudos! If any DLG regulars are reading this post, perhaps you'd be interested in my post on who I think would offer Graham some solid competition.

  • Colorado: Could it be that a bloc of the CO-GOP is unhappy with Bob Schaffer and pleading with a moderate Republican state senator to enter the primary?

  • Kentucky: Even Bob "Count Chocula" Novak recognizes that Mitch McConnell might face a primary challenge.

  • Wyoming: Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to apply for the Senate vacancy:

    Newly announced candidates include Larry French, an insurance agent in Powell; Ron Micheli of Fort Bridger, a former director of the state Department of Agriculture; Teton County Commissioner Bill Paddleford; Frank Moore, a sheep rancher in the Douglas area; and Cheyenne attorney Bruce Asay.
    Also entering the race, possibly providing an interesting twist:

    The latest to put their names forward include Ray Hunkins, who ran unsuccessfully for governor last year. If Hunkins is chosen among the final three, it would be the man who beat him -- Governor Dave Freudenthal -- who would decide whether to send Hunkins to the US Senate.

    Hunkins stands out from the other candidates another respect. He says that if he is appointed, he has NO intention of running in 2008.
    Maybe Hunkins is trying to stand out by presenting himself as simply a placeholder. Not a bad strategy considering how crowded the field will likely get.

  • Minnesota: On the heels of MyDD's insightful interview with Al Franken, Talking Points Memo offers their witty and thought-provoking interview. On another note, the Star Tribune profiles potential Norm Coleman primary opponent Joe Repya. While I'm sure I disagree ideologically with much of what Repya supports, he does at least seem like an honest, respectable, straightforward guy. Such qualities might overwhelm Smilin' Norm Coleman in a primary debate.

  • Georgia: Not that I had heard any big buzz about this, but Republican state sen. and immigration hardliner Chip Rogers has ruled out a primary challenge to "Shameless" Saxby Chambliss in 2008. Man, it would be pretty sweet if Chambliss got primaried.


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