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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Round-Up

  • A couple of ominous signs for Republicans running for office: 1) When you add up the fundraising takes of campaign committees and candidates for federal office, Democrats currently have a $100 million edge in the 2008 cycle; and 2) People overwhelmingly blame Republicans more than Democrats for war, global warming, prejudice, poverty, and corruption. Heavy. Oh, and it shouldn't be pleasant news to Republican Senators up for re-election in 2008 that Bush's new "plan" will apparently guarantee prolonging the Iraq War well past Election Day 2008. All of this could be why Americans overwhelmingly want Democrats making the decisions instead of Bush on Iraq now.

  • Kentucky: State Attorney General Greg Stumbo has filed papers to proceed with a Senate exploratory committee to potentially challenge Mitch McConnell in 2008. Still no word from businessman Charlie Owen or attorney Andrew Horne on possible bids. However, there is now talk that two-time gubernatorial primary loser Bruce Lunsford might be interested in a Senate bid.

  • Oregon: Once again, Gordon Smith casts his lot with George W. Bush rather than seek leverage to effect change.

  • Alaska: Appearance-of-impropriety maven Ted Stevens has declared that he will not respond to any questions with the word "investigation" in them. With all of the rumbling scandals being looked into in Alaska, the AK-GOP has the potential to implode worse than anything we saw out of the OH-GOP. Meanwhile, it looks like the Club for Growth could be sniffing around for a primary challenger to back against Stevens. That would be fun.

  • Minnesota: Norm Coleman is taking some bad local press on the chin:

    Six months ago, I praised Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman for seeming to back away from the Kool-Aid vat on Iraq.

    I spoke too soon. The Iraq quagmire has gone from bad to worse, but Norm is still wearing a Kool-Aid mustache.
    We'd hate to see Kool-Aid stain Smilin' Norm's pearly whites. Unfortunately, he continues to back the status quo of Bush's failed policies in Iraq instead of working for change. (HT: MN Blue)

  • Alabama: Oy. Last month, seeking a unified Democratic Party, Commissioner Ron Sparks withdrew from consideration over a Senate challenge to Jeff Sessions, defering to State Senator Vivian Figures, despite major buzz over a Sparks candidacy. Now, we see State Senator Figures dragging her feet over a campaign announcement. She says a decision will come "within a month or so." Unbelievably frustrating on many levels.

  • MyDD's Singer looks at a Roll Call article discussing overall money woes for the NRSC. I think the big story that shouldn't be overlooked is Republican stinginess:

    Last month, the NRSC received nothing in transfers from Senators' campaign committees. GOP Senators chipped in $55,000 in June from their leadership political action committees, and only one Member wrote a personal check to the committee - $28,500 from Sen. Elizabeth Dole (N.C.).

    According to figures compiled by Democrats, the NRSC collected $292,500 in contributions from GOP Senators through the end of May. By contrast, the DSCC took in $820,000 from Senators through May, and committee officials estimate that the number topped $1 million by the end of June.
    It's almost like Republican Senators want to remain in the minority. It was no different under Elizabeth Dole's chairing of the NRSC. I'm glad to see things remaining the same under Ensign.


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