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Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Afternoon Round-Up

  • Louisiana: Six weeks after Louisiana's highest ranking elected Republican, Senator David Vitter, made it clear that he cheated on his wife with prostitutes, the state's Treasurer, John N. Kennedy, declared that "I have concluded that the Republican Party is the party that best reflects my values today." Some great values, huh? Treasurer Kennedy is now a Republican, which heightens expectations that he will challenge Senator Mary Landrieu in 2008. Hopefully Democrats will run a credible candidate against Kennedy, if only to get him on the record with answers to questions like "If re-elected, do you promise Louisiana voters to serve your full term?" and "If you're just going to run for another office next year, why should voters re-elect you to this office this year?"

  • Kentucky: Here's another sign that former KY-GOP gubernatorial nominee Larry Forgy may challenge Mitch McConnell to a primary: Forgy is apparently very close with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The two went to law school together, Forgy's son once worked in Reid's office, and Forgy once gave Reid a campaign contribution. Forgy running for Senate would antagonize a current political foe (McConnell), assist a personal friend (Reid), and offer him another chance at statewide political office. I don't see any reason why Forgy shouldn't give it a go!

  • New Mexico: Today is "Pete Domenici Loves George W. Bush" Day. (Bush's approval in New Mexico, by the way, stands at an abysmal 32-67. I hope Domenici gets a lot of photos of he and W together!)


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