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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Quick Hits

  • Virginia: According to Robert "Count Chocula" Novak's sources in the Virginia Republican Party, the VA-GOP is expecting a John Warner retirement and Mark Warner Senate election.

  • Kentucky: 1995 KY-GOP Gubernatorial nominee Larry Forgy continues to refuse to rule out a primary challenge to Mitch McConnell. (HT: Draft Forgy) Meanwhile, reports have state Attorney General Greg Stumbo very much on the offense with Mitch McConnell "visibly shaken."

  • Oregon: Gordon Smith is not a "moderate." Gordon Smith is a "conservative." Even Gordon Smith says so.

  • Oklahoma: State Senator and soon-to-be-announced 2008 Senate candidate Andrew Rice is getting acquainted with the netroots.

  • Nebraska: Chuck Hagel will allegedly come to some sort of decision about 2008 political plans during the August recess. He could just very well hold another press conference to announce that he has not made a decision yet, though. New Nebraska Network offers a compilation of thoughts on the possibility of a 2008 Hagel for President campaign.

  • New Hampshire: While the Evans-Novak Political Report offers that the Shaheens are telling supporters that the likelihood of popular former Governor Jeanne Shaheen's entry into the 2008 Senate race stands at 70%, husband Bill Shaheen insists that figure is not coming from him.

  • Alaska: Republican Governor Sarah Palin decries the "culture of corruption" that Alaska's current Congressional delegation of Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, and Don Young appear to embody:

    "It's a generational shift that's going on, but it's also a values shift that's going on," said Gov. Sarah Palin.

    The "culture of corruption" that has become ingrained in Alaska politics is a poor example to the rest of the nation as the state tries to be taken seriously in negotiations over a natural gas pipeline, Palin said.

    "We have to prove that we are responsible, that we are trustworthy, that we are truthful up here," she said. "Our actions have to speak louder than our words."
    I don't think Governor Palin will expend much energy or political capital defending her partisan brethren currently under investigation.


    Blogger Anthony_Distler said...

    Sarah Palin is doing the right thing. She is extremely popular and needs to seperate herself from the delegation until things are all sorted out.

    Whenever Palin wants one of the three seats, it's hers.

    2:43 AM, August 06, 2007  
    Blogger Kyle Michaelis said...

    Sorry for the New Nebraska Network's links not working. We've transferred over to a new server and a new format. These most recent Chuck Hagel stories are available, though, by using the original links with rather than (our new home).

    Sorry for the inconvenience and convenience. Thanks for reading and for all the Guru's hard work.

    3:43 AM, August 07, 2007  

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