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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Tidbits

  • The Expand the Map! ActBlue page is up to 18 contributions for Andrew Rice and 14 contributions for Larry LaRocco, totalling over $2,000 raised. You have been incredibly generous! I think we can get to 20 contributions for both by 11:59pm Sunday - but, dare I say, is it possible that we can get 20 contributions for both by the end of the night tonight? Let's try!

  • Idaho: Larry Craig's lawyer says that it is "conceivable" that Craig will try to remain in office until the end of his term and that it does not necessarily depend on the ruling in Craig's court case in Minnesota.

  • Georgia: Lieutenant General David Poythress, Georgia's retiring adjutant general and a former Georgia Secretary of State and Labor Commissioner, is being eyed as a possible Senate challenger to Spineless Saxby Chambliss in 2008. If it can't be Max Cleland, it would be great to have another military man lay out for Saxby what a coward Chambliss really is.

  • Nebraska: While former Senator Bob Kerrey would not vote to cut off funds for military operations in Iraq, he does advocate that we should begin to "downsize the military commitment" in Iraq. That Kerrey is further discussing specifics about his nuanced position on Iraq can be taken as an indication that he is continuing his deep deliberation over whether or not to run for Senate in 2008.

  • North Carolina: An Elon University poll puts Elizabeth Dole's approve-disapprove at about 50-25. More interesting than that, the poll also gauged North Carolina voters' takes on specific issues. Voters said that the top four issues that would "influence their vote for U.S. Senator" were The Iraq War (78%), Economy (76%), Health Care Costs (75%), and Immigration (73%). And what were the voters' satisfaction levels with Elizabeth Dole on those four issues? Very poor: 32% for The Iraq War, 39% for Economy, 32% for Health Care Costs, and 28% for Immigration. Elizabeth Dole will have a very hard time defending her record if less than 40% of voters are satisfied with her on issues that about 75% of voters will be basing their vote on.

  • Alaska: From the producers of "The Bridge to Nowhere," Ted Stevens brings us "The Ferry to Nowhere."


    Blogger The Sleep said...

    CNN has an article up about the Virginia Senate race. Apparently Republicans are determined to use it "to prove their Web campaign savvy over Democrats". Apparently "There is a strong and widespread conservative blog network in Virginia that is committed to defeating a liberal, Democrat candidate," according to John Randall, the NRSC's ePress Secretary. This is it, Guru, we're finished, take Virginia off the map, it's staying red -- the NRSC has an ePress secretary, and George Allen has finally bought an internet connection. (And put up his own site: Yes, you heard that right, just went live THIS WEEK.) Oh, this is bad, bad news.

    2:48 PM, September 30, 2007  

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