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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday Briefs

  • North Carolina: Public Policy Polling has released some more numbers. Elizabeth Dole's approve-disapprove comes in at a weak 44-33; and, she's back under 50% against both Democratic opponents: leading State Senator Kay Hagan 48-35 and leading businessman Jim Neal 49-30.

  • Maine: While Congressman Tom Allen opposes warrantless wiretapping and retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies complicit in such activities, Susan Collins supports letting the telecomm companies off the hook for their role in illegal wiretapping, like a good Bushie.

  • Oregon: Last night saw the first Democratic Senate primary debate; and, by several accounts, it was a very agreeable affair in which the Democratic chorus vocalized why Oregon would benefit greatly by replacing Gordon Smith.

  • Mississippi: It is fairly incontrovertible that Ronnie Musgrove is far more fiscally responsible than Roger Wicker.

  • New Mexico: Democracy for New Mexico and New Mexico FBIHOP are teaming up on a fundraising effort for Democrats in the Land of Enchantment, including Senate candidate Congressman Tom Udall, to counter Republican fundraising efforts by Dick Cheney and Karl Rove in New Mexico. Contributing to their effort is a direct rebuke of Cheney-Rove, and isn't that reason enough?

  • Alaska: Ted Stevens is getting into fights with fellow Republican Senators over his addiction to earmarks for pork barrel projects.

  • Breaking news: apparently George W. Bush has bent the truth a little regarding Iraq, to the tune of 935 catalogued lies, courtesy of The Center for Public Integrity.


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