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Friday, February 01, 2008

Q4 and End-of-2007 Numbers for the 2008 Senate Candidates

Here are the Q4 fundraising numbers and cash-on-hand totals at the end of 2007 for the 2008 Senate candidates. Compiling courtesy of Hotline On Call.

StateCandidatePartyQ4 TakeEnd of 07 CoH
ALJeff SessionsGOP660,6043,952,547
AKTed StevensGOP207,6061,057,241
ARMark PryorDem615,7873,621,034
COMark UdallDem1,115,7823,606,143
COBob SchafferGOP673,6831,506,701
DEJoe BidenDem3,206,4093,333,214
GASaxby ChamblissGOP944,2144,459,794
IDLarry LaRoccoDem166,306199,935
IDJim RischGOP236,984170,709
IDRex RammellGOP105,33885,504
ILRichard DurbinDem1,057,0717,309,560
ILSteve SauerbergGOP97,94166,632
IATom HarkinDem802,6193,446,622
KSGreg OrmanDem457,269451,123
KSPat RobertsGOP727,7212,731,000
KYMitch McConnellGOP1,716,0347,317,138
LAMary LandrieuDem1,194,6784,109,545
LAJohn N. KennedyGOP501,178472,371
METom AllenDem812,8412,519,285
MESusan CollinsGOP963,0733,912,574
MAJohn KerryDem1,087,26410,112,796
MICarl LevinDem873,2223,890,661
MNAl FrankenDem1,972,5143,096,713
MNMike CiresiDem813,063984,305
MNJack Nelson-PallmeyerDem284,060131,513
MNNorm ColemanGOP1,741,9616,040,264
MS-AThad CochranGOP69,9391,107,194
MS-BRoger WickerGOP76,712550,935
MTMax BaucusDem1,507,5346,285,706
NEMike JohannsGOP1,378,1241,055,627
NHJeanne ShaheenDem1,180,2501,138,053
NHJohn SununuGOP921,6263,425,299
NJFrank LautenbergDem931,7004,321,777
NJAnne Evans EstabrookGOP1,790,3361,525,206
NMTom UdallDem1,029,0721,712,513
NMHeather WilsonGOP524,2411,085,002
NMSteve PearceGOP429,250819,717
NCKay HaganDem562,696515,697
NCJim NealDem214,706139,105
NCElizabeth DoleGOP1,138,1552,664,346
OKAndrew RiceDem229,204350,885
OKJim InhofeGOP485,9171,859,892
ORJeff MerkleyDem623,912515,540
ORSteve NovickDem221,519292,543
ORGordon SmithGOP952,8454,434,882
RIJack ReedDem519,2703,153,703
SCLindsey GrahamGOP800,5174,744,797
SDTim JohnsonDem726,9232,372,104
SDJoel DykstraGOP56,08021,138
TNLamar AlexanderGOP1,047,9142,073,179
TXRick NoriegaDem406,859688,035
TXJohn CornynGOP1,746,7027,502,259
VAMark WarnerDem2,737,0162,888,128
VAJim GilmoreGOP348,453183,052
WVJay RockefellerDem800,0853,726,213
WY-AMike EnziGOP108,446521,926
WY-BJohn BarrassoGOP455,716876,078

Ten quick observations (for some of which, you need to see the full rundown on Hotline On Call):
1) Colorado's looking fantastic, money-wise.
2) Wow, even in Idaho, the Democrat has more cash-on-hand at the end of 2007 than any of the Republicans.
3) In Kansas, Democrat Greg Orman outraised Republican incumbent Pat Roberts in contributions from individuals in Q4 - and Orman only began fundraising in December!
4) It's great to see Al Franken and Jeanne Shaheen outraising Norm Coleman and John Sununu in Q4, respectively.
5) Republican Thad Cochran only raised $69,939 in Q4, $48,000 of which came from PACs. He only raised $8,800 from individuals in all of Q4. If a serious Democratic challenger, like popular former state Attorney General Mike Moore, jumped in early against Cochran, he really might have retired, since he obviously isn't hustling (not that he has to now - but $8,800?!?).
6) FYI: The vast majority of fundraising for New Jersey Republican Anne Evans Estabrook comes from self-funding.
7) Tom Udall raised more than Steve Pearce and Heather Wilson put together in Q4. Awesome.
8) Joel Dykstra, the Republican Party's top recruit to take on Senator Tim Johnson, has on hand less than one percent of Senator Johnson's bankroll.
9) Jim Gilmore... hahahahahahahahaha.
10) Very similar to Thad Cochran (see observation #5), Mike Enzi only bothered to raise $108,446 in Q4, $93,000 of which came from PACs. He only raised $13,600 from individuals in all of Q4. It certainly lends credibility to the theory that Enzi may be considering retirement, or that he might seriously consider retirement if he's forced to hustle at all by a strong Democratic challenger.


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