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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Analyses and Speculation

Lots of reading material for you this morning:

  • offers a close-up look (in three parts) at the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006.

  • 80 is apparently the new 50, as this New York Times snapshot notes that several of the Senators on retirement-watch in 2008 are expected to run for re-election, including Stevens of Alaska (83 years old), Lautenberg of New Jersey (82 years old - though I expect he'll announce his re-retirement in the spring), Warner of Virginia (79 years old - see below for more), and Domenici of New Mexico (74 years old).

  • Virginia: Speaking of Republican John Warner, he gives his strongest hints yet that he's leaning toward running for re-election. Meanwhile, recently-deposed George Allen is giving an address this weekend to a major VA-GOP gathering. If Warner does retire, Allen will probably be the VA-GOP's top choice, despite Allen's many, many, many self-inflicted political wounds and Allen's own reputed distaste for the job of Senator.

  • New Mexico: Jonathan Singer at MyDD offers a quick breakdown of the New Mexico 2008 Senate race.


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