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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Can the 2008 Dem Nat'l Convention Help Increase the Dems' Senate Majority?

The region of the country in which Democrats have made the biggest inroads in the last few years has been the "Mountain West," particularly in states like Colorado and Montana. USA Today has an article this morning following this trend.

Denver is one of the finalists for landing the 2008 Democratic National Convention. The Rocky Mountain News and the Associated Press both reported on this today. It would indeed build on the Democrats' momentum in the region to hold their quadrennial convention in Denver.

While the conventions tend to focus on presidential candidates and presidential politics, the politically beneficial siting could also help the standing of Democrats trying to unseat Senate incumbents in Idaho, Wyoming, and, of course, Colorado.

Some consider Colorado one of the "marquee races of the cycle" and one of the best pickup opportunities for Democrats. The free media that the Democratic nominee for Senator from Colorado would enjoy is incalculable, and would immediately put Republican Senator Wayne Allard or any other Republican seeking the seat at a comparative disadvantage.

It is certainly something the powers that be ought to consider as they decide where the '08 Convention will be held.


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