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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Maybe Running, Maybe Retiring, Maybe Recruiting, Maybe Forboding

A bunch of quick hits for your reading pleasure:

  • U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, is considing jumping in against Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions.

  • Several Democrats are thought to be considering a run to unseat Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman - most notably comedian/commentator Al Franken and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Ryback.

  • The Hill takes a look at possibly retiring Senators, noting New Jersey Democrat Frank Lautenberg as a likely potential retiree, while 2006 GOP NJ Senate nominee Tom Kean Jr. hints at another run. However, if Douglas Forrester is any indication, Republicans attempt at second runs gain them no traction statewide (Forrester lost the 2002 NJ Senate race to Lautenberg 54-44 and then lost the 2005 NJ Gubernatorial race to Jon Corzine by a near identical 55-44).

  • Two-hundred-year-old Alaska Republican Ted Stevens says he is running for re-election, despite having hit retirement age one-hundred-and-thirty-five years ago.

  • The North Carolina Democratic Party is employing a novel candidate recruitment technique to oppose Republican Elizabeth Dole.

  • Amongst their fun facts, NPR notes that "Gov. John Lynch's (D) 74 percent [re-election support for Governor] was the highest in state history." That, along with the switch of both NH Congressional seats from GOP to Democrat and both houses of the NH state legislature from Democrat to Republican, should indicate that Republican Senator John Sununu has a huge target on his forehead.


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