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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oklahoma, Colorado, and Online Candidate Recruitment

Here's your morning news:

  • Oklahoma: Unfortunately, Tulsa World has Democratic Governor Brad Henry's spokesman making it crystal clear that he has no plans to run against Republican incumbent Senators Jim Inhofe (in 2008) or Tom Coburn (in 2010). Paging Brad Carson! Seriously, though, I'm surprised the piece didn't try to get a comment from Carson, Democratic former U.S. Rep. from OK-2 and the party's nominee for Senate against Coburn in 2004. We're waiting on Carson to decide if he wants another run. I hope he does.

  • Colorado: The Associated Press has Denver is hyping its fundraising pledges in its bid for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. The big beneficiary would be U.S. Rep. Mark Udall, likely Democratic candidate to take on Republican incumbent Senator Wayne Allard (or one of his stand-ins). Site selection should be announced by the end of the year.

  • DavidNYC at Swing State Project has posted his "Senate Recruitment Thread #1" for Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Idaho. Go offer your thoughts on what Democrats should challenge those Republican incumbents!


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