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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Collins May Face a Real Challenge in Maine and Smith is Scared in Oregon

A couple evening morsels for you:

  • Maine: Democratic Rep. Tom Allen, maybe the only person who can give popular incumbent Republican Senator Susan Collins a run for her money, might get in the race. Roll Call, Political Wire, MyDD, and Daily Kos have details. Jonathan Singer at MyDD looks at Allen's ability to fundraise, and Kos looks at Collins' support for segregationist Trent Lott for a GOP leadership post.

  • Oregon: Obviously scared that he is too far to the right and too supportive of an unpopular President for his constituency, Republican Gordon Smith said "he would not have voted to authorize the war in Iraq if he had reason to believe the U.S. intelligence at the time was not accurate." My question for Senator Smith is: We've known the intelligence has been inaccurate for years, so where have you been? Look for Smith to continue to dive to the left and attempt more disingenuous political posturing.


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