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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Definitive Statements

Some afternoon tidbits:

  • Carl Levin, Chuck Hagel and others will offer a resolution opposing Bush's plan for an escalation/surge/build-up/augmentation/blue-on-black in Iraq. When it comes to the most vulnerable Senators in 2008 (Sununu, Coleman, Smith, Collins, etc.), particularly those in blue-ish states, voting for the resolution won't necessarily save them, but voting against it (i.e. supporting Bush's plan) will likely condemn them to electoral defeat in 2008. Can't wait for that roll call!

  • Colorado: For those who don't like relying on spokespeople, former Broncos QB John Elway himself says that he has no intention of running for the open Senate seat in the Centennial State in 2008.

  • South Dakota: Political Wire has the goods on a Roll Call report that Senator Max Baucus of Montana, also up for re-election in 2008, is setting up a special fundraising account to help Tim Johnson fundraise for a re-election bid as he recovers from brain surgery. It's too early to tell if Senator Johnson will be in a healthy-enough condition to run for re-election, much less if he'd want to run for re-election, but it is indeed forward-thinking to prepare.


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