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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two-Faced Susan?

  • Maine: Despite Susan Collins claiming to want out of Iraq, she has gotten behind the presidential campaign of the field's biggest pro-escalation candidate, John McCain.

    First, Collins says in 1996 that, if elected, she would only serve two terms. Wayne Allard of Colorado made the same promise in the same year and is keeping his promise. Collins is breaking her promise.

    Second, Collins tries to position herself as a moderate centrist, and then is instrumental in returning to leadership far-right-wing segregationist Trent Lott by supporting him over the more moderate Lamar Alexander.

    Now, she claims to oppose the troop escalation, and then supports for President the most vocal pro-escalation candidate.

    This is establishing a narrative of political gamesmanship and talking out of both sides of her mouth that I hope the Maine press will highlight and the Maine Democratic Party will press her on as we try to recruit Rep. Tom Allen into the race.


    Blogger tomforsenate said...

    Shameful. Susan Collins has established a clear record of saying one thing, gaining praise for being "independent" "bipartisan" and "moderate," and then she turns around and votes with the Republicans when it counts.

    12:14 AM, February 04, 2007  

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