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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Some late night reading:

  • North Carolina: Political Wire with another hat tip. Though Governor Mike Easley has not expressed interest in a 2008 Senate race, this poll says that he'd beat Elizabeth Dole. Gov. Easley, run! Pretty please!!

  • Tennessee: Fresh off of taking the DLC Chairmanship, Harold Ford Jr. says he has no plans to challenge Lamar Alexander in 2008. Time (and polling) will tell if this is an absolute No or if this is a temporary "not planning on it."

  • Oregon: In a sign that he may be more seriously considering a challenge to Gordon Smith, U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer presents his plan to get out of Iraq in one year.

  • CQPolitics takes a look at new NRSC Chair John Ensign's challenges he will face and public naivete he is presenting.

  • The conservative blogosphere is nowhere near the progressive blogosphere in people-power or fundraising prowess. But what little there is may soon turn on the NRSC.


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