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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Up from the Blogs

Some late night reading:

  • Virginia: Raising Kaine takes John Warner to task for his continuing ambiguity over his position on Bush's escalation plan.

  • Minnesota: Eric Hananoki at the Al Franken Show's blog looks at Norm Coleman's special interest fundraising.

  • Georgia: Georgia Women Vote! looks at attorney Jim Butler's recent message on his Senate campaign considerations.

  • Louisiana: One of the big variables on how Mary Landrieu's re-election bid will go is what will come out in terms of Hurricane Katrina government response investigations. If there will be investigations. The Senator in charge of the committee that would oversee such an investigation - Joe Lieberman - who may sell Mary Landrieu out to continue currying favor with the Bush administration. But now, former FEMA Director Michael Brown is saying partisan politics played a big part in the Bush administration's response, which actively tried to make Louisiana's Democratic elected officials look bad. Unfortunately, if Governor Kathleen Blanco's re-election numbers are an indicator, Mary Landrieu does have an uphill climb.

    UPDATE (5:23am): Senator Landrieu will find herself as perhaps the top target of the NRSC despite supporting Bush's position the second most frequently of any Senate Democrat, after only Ben Nelson of Nebraska. The political moral of the story: there's no sense in agreeing with the opposition if the opposition is going to attack you regardless of whether or not you agree with them.


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