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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Getting In

Lots of evening news:

  • Iowa: Though DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer noted that Tom Harkin was the only Democratic Senate incumbent yet to make up his mind regarding a re-election bid, it seems that Harkin may be coming around:

    Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa said he's "doing everything" that would indicate he's seeking reelection in 2008.

    Harkin stopped short of saying he was committing to run, because he said he dislikes the lengthy campaign cycle. But, he said, he is raising money and putting together a campaign organization in advance of the 2008 election. "I feel good. My health is good," he said. ...

    No Republicans have announced plans to definitely run for the Senate in 2008, though Rep. Steve King, a Kiron Republican, and Rep. Tom Latham, an Alexander Republican, are considered possible challengers. ...

    Harkin raised $1.7 million through 2005 and 2006 and as of Sept. 30 had $940,000 cash on hand in his campaign fund.
    Go Harkin! Let's see another House Republican sacrifice his seat for a futile challenge.

  • Minnesota: Comedian/commentator Al Franken has been contacting lawmakers for advice about a possible Senate run. Franken says a decision is coming in "the next few weeks."

  • Colorado: Mark Udall sends a shot across the bow of Scott McInnis and any other Republican who might get in the race. Udall is effectively establishing the premise in the voters' minds that the open Senate seat is already his.

  • Just as Iraq as a wedge issue will likely cost John Sununu of New Hampshire his job (and who knows how many others), stem cell research as a wedge issue will likely cost Norm Coleman of Minnesota his job (and who knows how many others).


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