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Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Rundown

Lots of reading for your Friday morning:

  • The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, via his The Fix blog, offers his latest look at key 2008 Senate races. Nothing surprising in this latest update, as Cillizza keeps an eye on potentially-retiring Senators, following Wayne Allard's announcement.

  • South Dakota: In the first sign that Tim Johnson's camp may be preparing for a re-election bid, Johnson's office hired a top Democratic strategist, Steve Jarding, as its deputy chief-of-staff.

  • New Hampshire: Democratic activist Katrina Swett has filed papers to set up a campaign committee to challenge John Sununu. However, both Swett and announced-likely-candidate Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand give indications that they would clear the path to the Democratic nomination for former Governor Jeanne Shaheen if she decides she wants another shot (though she would have to decide soon). The article also offers:

    Other Democrats actively considering running against Sununu are Stonyfield Farm chief executive Gary Hirshberg of Concord and state Sen. David Gottesman of Nashua. Hirshberg said this week he intends to decide by mid-February, while Gottesman has not talked about a specific timetable.
    Additionally, the New York Times/CQPolitics takes a look at the changing political dynamics in New Hampshire.

  • Massachusetts: John Kerry suggests that he'll likely have a decision on 2008 - specifically Presidential plans, but also Senate plans if you read between the lines - by the end of the month. Several MA Congressmen are waiting with bated breath.

  • New Mexico: In case Pete Domenici retires, the Albuquerque Tribune looks at how the Land of Enchantment's Congresspeople voted on six key pieces of legislation from the Democratic leadership's First 100 Hours agenda, and how those votes could impact the Congresspeople statewide if they ran to replace Domenici. GOP Rep. Steve Pearce voted against raising the minimum wage, implementing the 9/11 Commission's recommendations, and taking steps to lower prescription drug costs - let's hope that Domenici retires and he becomes the GOP's nominee!

  • New York: Yes, New York. Not that they have a 2008 race, per se, but Robert Kennedy Jr. says that he'd be interested in a Senate run if Hillary Clinton ascended to the Presidency in 2008. (Hat tip: Political Wire)


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