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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Speculations and Preparations

A few Tuesday morning bites for your reading pleasure:

  • Colorado: Just when it looked like the Colorado GOP might begin unifying behind Scott McInnis, a new rumor is afoot. According to ColoradoPols, current Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson is taking a look at the race, and McInnis is "more than a little bit concerned." With Colorado trending blue, anybody associated with the Bush administration would have to be fairly toxic in a general election, so I welcome Secretary Nicholson to the race!

  • Minnesota: Having reached out to legislators for background on running for office, Al Franken is now reaching out to academics for public policy guidance should he move forward with a Senate campaign. (Side note: Should we be worried that the news outlet most closely covering Franken's steps toward a campaign is Fox News?)

  • North Carolina: In another sign that Elizabeth Dole is going to move forward with a re-election bid, she is beginning an aggressive fundraising drive this month. Aggressive? Yes. Successful? We'll see. In fact, with such low cash-on-hand, the early success or failure of this fundraising drive may be a major, if not decisive, factor as she finalizes her 2008 plans.

  • Nebraska: Leavenworth Street offers political gamblers odds on what Chuck Hagel's 2008 intentions are. A re-election Senate bid stands all the way down at 20-to-1, with the following commentary:

    The signs for this point to no: he hasn’t been raising money and word is that he’s tired of the Senate and tired of his job. With Sen. Dick Lugar still there and Dems probably still in majority, he can’t be Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, which would be one compelling reason for him to stay in. But if Ag Sec. Mike Johanns won’t run for Hagel’s seat, does Hagel disdain Attorney General Jon Bruning enough to run for re-elect (to keep Bruning out)?
    Returning to the minority party and losing Chairmanships are compelling factors for many GOP Senators considering retirement. We'll see what impact it has on Hagel as he announces his plans in the coming weeks and months.


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