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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Some tidbits for your Wednesday morning:

  • Virginia: Jim Webb's 2006 primary opponent, Harris Miller, has just taken a new job that will likely preclude him from considering a 2008 candidacy to challenge John Warner.

  • New Jersey: Following up on yesterday's look at potential challengers to Frank Lautenberg, The NJ Blog makes a case for GOP State Senator and 2002 Doug Forrester primary challenger Diane Allen as someone to look out for.

  • New Hampshire: John Sununu's sprinting away from Iraq has his potential opponents even more motivated:

    Democratic Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, who has announced he will run for the Senate next year, and Concord businessman Gary Hirshberg, who is considering a challenge, also criticized Sununu yesterday. "Every time I start to get comfortable with the idea that I should not run, Senator Sununu does something else that makes my blood boil," said Hirshberg.
  • The Hill reports:

    Meanwhile, will begin airing new TV spots today in the states of eight senators who voted against opening debate on the non-binding Iraq resolution in a bid to amplify voters’ frustration.'s webpage on the filibuster ad indicates that the ad will go up in Virginia (Warner), Kansas (Brownback), New Hampshire (Sununu), and Oregon (Smith). Any word on what other states it will get played in?


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