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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where We Stand

The Guru hopes you're having a pleasant Saturday:

  • NYTimes/ offers an updated overview of the 2008 Senate races, including an updated chart of cash-on-hand tallies and an updated list of the "most vulnerable" Senate seats, citing Republican-held seats Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Oregon, and Democratic-held seats South Dakota and Louisiana only.

    Interesting side-stat: while most focus on the fact that there are 21 GOP-held seats for them to defend against only 12 Dem-held seats for us to defend, there are also seven freshman GOP Senators up for re-election compared to only one freshman Democrat.

  • Minnesota: NYTimes/ also takes a look at the Minnesota race, particularly through the prism of the Al Franken candidacy and Coleman's attempts to align with the right-wing base of his party while trying to appear moderate for the electorate he represents.

  • Montana: The Billings Gazette compares Senator Max Baucus' more than two million dollars in his campaign account with potential GOP challenger Denny Rehberg's less-than-$300K in cash-on-hand.


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