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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Two morning bites:

  • Iowa: Tom Harkin appears to be gearing up:

    As he apparently readies for a re-election bid, Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa raised $362,000 in the last three months of last year, according to Federal Election Commission reports due today.

    Harkin ended the year with $1.1 million cash in the bank. ...

    No Republicans have formally announced a bid to challenge Harkin, although Steven Rathje, a Swisher Republican and businessman, filed a statement with the Federal Election Commission last year indicating he is exploring a run. Rathje had raised about $16,000 through Sept. 30.
    With Harkin repeatedly fending off GOP Congressional challengers, I wouldn't be shocked if he faced no more than token opposition.

  • Colorado: Bob Schaffer confirms that he is still just considering a Senate bid and hasn't made a definite decision about getting in yet, though indications point towards a run. It'd be great to see a nasty primary between former Reps. Schaffer and Scott McInnis with maybe talk show host Dan Caplis thrown in for good measure.


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