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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Might Run, Can't Run, and Running Away


  • South Dakota: Political Wire highlights a Roll Call article noting that "Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) 'now appears likely to run for re-election next year, as he continues to improve from a stroke that had thrown his political future into doubt.'" We should wait for formal announcements before jumping to any conclusions, but Senator Johnson has made astounding progress, so a re-election bid is certainly possible.

  • Alaska: Apparently there is a schism between GOP Gov. Sarah Palin and the GOP leadership in the Alaska state legislature. The state house Speaker is "proposing legislation that would require sitting senators, governors and lieutenant governors to resign before running for a different state or federal office." Though this could be moot since Ted Stevens is threatening to run again, if he doesn't, this legislation would ostensibly keep Palin from running. Interesting dynamics here waiting to unfold.

  • New Hampshire: Dartmouth College's student newspaper, The Dartmouth, takes Sprinting John Sununu to task for his equivocation on Iraq:

    This kind of double-dealing is exactly what the people of New Hampshire don't want. They deserve a well-defined position from Sununu. The only problem is, he has taken to not speaking to the press very much anymore. In fact, as covered this month in the Washington Post, when reporters recently approached him near the U.S. Capitol, he literally turned and ran away rather than answer questions on his positions (or lack of positions). This has earned him nicknames like "Sprinting Sununu" and "The Fastest Senator In Washington."
    There is an uprising brewing in NH against Sununu. Once NH gets past the drama of the Presidential primary, and the Democratic Senate candidates turn their rhetorical guns on Sununu, he'll be toast.


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