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Friday, March 09, 2007

Hints at Craig and Hagel Retirements

  • Idaho: 43rd State Blues picks up on whispers that Larry Craig may not be long for the Senate:

    Dan Popkey's "special assignment" for the last 2-3 weeks involves a lengthy expose on Idaho's senior US Senator, Larry Craig.

    Supposedly, Arid Club servers overheard some sobering assessments of Craig's long term viability and the possible candidacy of [ID-02 Congressman] Mike Simpson to take Craig's place.
    Rumors of a Craig retirement have floated around for a while, but now a coup? Can't wait to see this play out. (Hat tip: mcjoan)

  • Nebraska: Hotline On Call has a document from Chuck Hagel's 1996 campaign declaring his support for term limits and claiming that "twelve years in Congress is enough for anyone." The question is: does Hagel include himself in that "anyone"? It arguably falls semanticly short of a clear term limit pledge for himself, but it does put into a new light his upcoming Monday press conference. (Hat tip: kos)


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