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Friday, March 16, 2007

Talk Now, Results Eventually

Looking forward to the weekend:

  • WaPo's Cillizza this morning put out his most recent Senate Line. Of the 10 most likely seats to switch parties, in Cillizza's ranking, 7 are GOP and 3 are Dem. On a potential GOP Senate primary in Colorado, Cillizza has it right on:

    Given Colorado's relatively rapid transformation from a red to blue state and the dismal national political environment for Republicans, this may not be a nomination worth having.
    My only gripe with the list is Iowa's inclusion at the 10-spot, which I think may have been Cillizza's attempt at a little more partisan balance. I doubt that a majority of in-the-know Senate spectators would say Tom Harkin's seat is more vulnerable than, say, Elizabeth Dole's seat. Also, with the heat on Pajamas Pete Domenici regarding the U.S. Attorney firing scandal, I would have ranked New Mexico higher than ninth. But overall a solid list.

  • New Mexico: Speaking of Pajamas Pete Domenici and the U.S. Attorney firing scandal, Pajamas Pete is taking some heat from the editorial page of the Albuquerque Tribune:

    Domenici's and Wilson's constituents deserve better than to be hustled by those who have made an art out of pointing fingers at the other party.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if they acknowledged they had crossed an ethical line and threw themselves on the mercy of Congress and their New Mexico constituents? Unfortunately, it looks like they're headed in the other direction.

    Domenici already has retained legal counsel - one of the top political defense attorneys in Washington. He may well know what he is up against if an ethics investigation comes to fruition.
    It will be interesting to see if any power plays occur among the NM-GOP to get Domenici to step aside. It would help pressure Domenici if a top-line Democrat, say Rep. Tom Udall, announced a campaign for the seat, forcing Domenici to step up or step aside, more likely the latter. (Hat tip: MissLaura)

  • Minnesota: MN Blue has Smilin' Norm Coleman hemming and hawing on calls for an Alberto Gonzales resignation.

  • Bush thinks the GOP will win back control of the Senate in 2008. Thanks W, I needed a laugh.

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