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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Massive Tuesday Night Rundown

  • New Mexico: The Politico reports: "The Senate, thanks a resolution it just adopted, has confirmed that Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) is the subject of 'preliminary inquiry' over his involvement in the firing of former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias." If you're wondering what that sound is, it's the sound of a big pile of bad press for Domenici hitting the newsstands. Expect Domenici's sinking approval to continue its downward trend.

  • Maine: The Hill reports: "Rep. Tom Allen (D-Maine) likely will make his candidacy for U.S. Senate in 2008 official in the next month, campaign manager Valerie Martin told The Hill yesterday." I believe the word is "Booyah."

  • Minnesota: The Star-Tribune reports: "Mike Ciresi is expected formally to declare his candidacy for the DFL nomination for U.S. Senate on Wednesday morning in St. Paul." (HT: MN Publius) MN Blue's Grace Kelly offers a glowing review of Mr. Ciresi.

  • Oregon: While Ciresi is announcing in Minnesota, activist Steve Novick will be announcing his campaign on Wednesday in Oregon. Meanwhile, it seems that Gordon Smith is so freaked out by the Stop Gordon Smith effort that he has started a Democrats for Smith effort with a whopping 23 members (and more than 18 months before Election Day 2008!). Blue Oregon offers more insight, and mcjoan points out: "Note the total absence of information about Smith's party affiliation. Notice the total lack of the color red." Smith can run from his record and his party affiliation all he wants, but it ain't going anywhere.

  • Illinois: Senator Richard Durbin raised over $1.3 million in Q1, putting his bankroll at $4 million. The IL-GOP was already having a plenty difficult time recruiting a credible candidate.

  • Kentucky: Ditch Mitch KY highlights Mitch McConnell's effort to obstruct Congress from negotiating lower prescription drug costs by filibustering legislation that could achieve a goal that 90% of Americans favor.

  • New Hampshire: The Concord Monitor runs a story with the headline: "Sununu doesn't know enough about warming" (and includes a hilarious "Duh" photo of Sununu) while Blue Hampshire catches Sprintin' Sununu contradicting himself on global climate change just a little bit. The Monitor piece notes: "Critics characterize Sununu as someone who, at best, isn't doing enough to lead on the issue and, at worst, has gotten in the way of potential solutions."

  • Colorado: Colorado Pols wonders if state AG John Suthers' latest effort isn't just a publicity stunt for an upcoming Senate campaign.


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