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Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday Afternoon Quick Hits

  • New Hampshire: MissLaura introduces Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand:

    This is someone who gets excited talking about green buildings and whose understanding of the importance of universal healthcare is concretely grounded in his own family's experiences when they lacked insurance.
    Sounds like the type of guy that can connect with independent voters who look for some humanity in their politicians.

  • Iowa: Even Chuck Grassley is almost conceding that Tom Harkin should have a pretty easy re-election bid in 2008. One would think that if King/Latham/Nussle were seriously considering a bid, they'd want Granddaddy Grassley to talk them up and help with the buzz, but no.

  • Alabama: SSP suggests that now might just be the right time for a man like Ron Sparks.

  • Oregon: Blue Oregon offers more insight on the possibility of the Club for Growth backing a primary challenger to Gordon Smith.

  • Maine: Two-Faced Susan Collins is exacerbating her own political demise. I would love to see her respond to this response and keep the volley going.

  • Kentucky: Mitch McConnell wins GOP Hypocrite of the Week. (HT: Ditch Mitch KY)


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