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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday Afternoon (Very) Quick Hits

  • Alabama: Commissioner Ron Sparks had another very well attended DKos liveblog. The enthusiasm is building across the netroots and grassroots!

  • Minnesota: Congresswoman Betty McCollum probably won't be entering the 2008 Senate race, as she just endorsed attorney Mike Ciresi.

  • Georgia: Congressman Jim Marshall is being heavily encouraged by GA-Dem powers-that-be to challenge "Shameless" Saxby Chambliss in 2008.

  • Colorado: Conservative Republican Bob Schaffer continues to send confusing messages about his sort-of-announced Senate bid, while Republican netroots call Schaffer's gaffe "basically calling the Teller County GOP liars." Schaffer '08 - feel the excitement!

  • New Hampshire: MyDD's Singer looks at how Sprintin' John Sununu's selling out Granite State families to Big Pharma is just another reason why voters will dump him in 2008.

  • Maine: CQPolitics looks at how Two-Faced Susan's siding with Bush's failed Iraq policy instead of the will of Maine voters will be just another reason why voters dump her in 2008.


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