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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Quick Hits

  • Colorado: Conservative former Rep. Bob Schaffer, I guess, wasn't happy with his first Senate announcement, so he's going to try again soon.

  • Virginia: Extremely popular former Governor Mark Warner is "pedalling toward a decision" about his future electoral plans.

  • Oregon: Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who is considering a Senate bid against Republican Gordon Smith, has just taken on MyDD's Singer as a "netroots consultant." Hmmmm, why would Congressman Blumenauer need a nationally renowned member of the blogosphere for netroots consulting for just a relatively safe House re-election bid? Should we be expecting news on the Senate front here?

  • Tennessee: sidof79 offers more thoughts on a possible Tipper Gore for Senate campaign. Definitely intriguing. (Heck, any noise from the TN-Dems on the Senate front would be welcomed!)

  • New Mexico: Democracy for New Mexico is highlighting a petition to urge Pajamas Pete Domenici to testify under oath regarding the Attorney Purge scandal. Check out the petition at "Pete and Heather Come Clean!" dot com.

  • California: Barbara Boxer has announced that she plans on running for re-election in 2010. The only way the CA-GOP could probably turn this into a competitive race is if the answer to this question is affirmative: "Will Arnold Schwarzenegger challenge Boxer?"


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