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Monday, May 21, 2007

Statistical Footnote of the Day

  • In highlighting that the DSCC more than doubled the NRSC's April fundraising numbers continuing the DSCC's financial dominance over the NRSC, TPM offers this statistical footnote:

    Key footnote: Elizabeth Dole, the former head of the NRSC, took a beating from critics for her lackluster fundraising in 2006. Well, as Dem insiders note with some glee, Dole raised more in April of 2005 -- $3.7 million -- than the NRSC raised this April.
    More than a fiscal quarter into his new role as Chair of the NRSC, John Ensign can't even keep up with Liddy Dole's old numbers, much less the DSCC. An embarrassing figure for Ensign and the NRSC.


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