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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stepping Up Recruitment

  • New Mexico: CQPolitics highlights Pajamas Pete Domenici's vulnerability, but notes the need for a top tier challenger. No kidding. The article reminds us that Domenici's approval has dropped considerably. Survey USA should put its next Senate approval numbers out next week so we can see Domenici's approval-plummeting trend continue. Hopefully, that will inspire some more noise from the NM-Dems.

  • North Carolina & Texas: Stu Rothenberg looks at the potential vulnerability of Republican incumbents in these two states and comes to the following conclusion:

    Democrats can huff and puff all they want about giving Cornyn a run for his money, but they don’t have a realistic chance yet of knocking him off. Dole isn’t much more vulnerable until Democrats get a formidable candidate in the race, but if and when they do, the state’s dynamics, at the very least, offer them a scenario for success.

    North Carolina, therefore, bears watching. Texas, barring a macaca-like blunder, doesn’t.
    If it's alright with Mr. Rothenberg, I'm going to continue watching both states. That said, obviously North Carolina will be much more competitive than Texas - but neither will be competitive without competition. Hopefully, Brad Miller or Roy Cooper will make affirmative decisions soon and kick the North Carolina race into high gear. Similarly, TX-Dems will offer competition - just a question of how strong and how soon.

  • Nebraska: Both the Lincoln Journal Star (HT: UNO Dems) and The Hill pick up on Hal Daub making it clear that he might be willing to proceed with a Senate bid regardless of whether or not Chuck Hagel runs for re-election, joining state AG Jon Bruning in this regard. If Hagel doesn't bolt for either retirement or a (Vice?) Presidential bid, he may likely find himself in a crowded primary.

  • Maine: Collins Watch picks up on the Susan Collins Astroturf Machine.

  • Kentucky: Ditch Mitch KY breaks down how next week's KY-Gov primary may likely have bad news in store for Mitch McConnell.


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    I think more candidates in the field actually helps Hagel. It would divide the anti-Hagel vote and presumably make it easier to win. He wouldn't have to face off against a single candidate that could unite his opposition.

    9:52 AM, May 16, 2007  

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