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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yawning Upon Entry

  • Colorado: Conservative former Rep. Bob Schaffer continues to make it official and enters the Senate race again. In doing so, he intimates both that state AG John Suthers might not get in and that Schaffer isn't too keen on the democratic process:

    "I have decided I am going to begin putting a campaign together to make a run for the U.S. Senate," Schaffer said, adding he doesn't believe a Republican primary will occur. "We, as Republicans, really don't have the liberty to fight out a primary ... if we're going to win in 2008, than we need to blast through (the primary season)."

    Schaffer said he spoke with other potential Republican candidates who "deferred their ambition to me."

    Attorney General John Suthers has indicated a desire to run in 2008.
    Now that Schaffer's in, he says "Let's the lock the primary door behind us and not let anyone else in." The Guru says, "Let's welcome Schaffer to the race by giving Congressman Mark Udall a few bucks."

  • Nebraska: If the NE-GOP continues to proceed as though they expect a Chuck Hagel retirement, should we all do likewise? Former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub will hold a press conference on Tuesday where it is expected that he will announce plans regarding a possible Senate bid. The Guru says, "Why get excited about a former Omaha Mayor when we have a perfectly good current Omaha Mayor interested in a Senate bid."


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