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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Quick Hits

  • North Carolina: Much credit to Blue NC diarist Jerimee for this concise round-up of Elizabeth Dole's real record on issues including the economy, Iraq, health care, crime, the environment, education, and ethics. A great read.

  • Georgia: From the people that brought you Tondee's Tavern comes an effort to draft attorney, veteran, and former State Representative Wyc Orr into the 2008 Senate race.

  • Kentucky: DMKY sees that Americans United for Change will not be letting up on their pressure against Mitch McConnell anytime soon. Seriously, in a state whose approval of George W. Bush is at 36% and disapproval is at a whopping 62%, McConnell is going to have to answer for his blind loyalty to Bush eventually. I'm guessing it'll be around Election Day 2008.

  • Wyoming: The Casper Star-Tribune offers tidbits about many of Wyoming's 31 Senate candidates.

  • The Guru offers his best wishes to MyDD's Bowers and Stoller and HuffPo's Lux on their new endeavor.


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