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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Quick Hits

  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid goes on the offensive against Republican obstructionism.

  • Schecter catches yet more conservatives who are peeved with Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham over immigration reform.

  • South Carolina: More bad news for Lindsey Graham, courtesy of The Shot:

    We have heard from multiple sources that high level state and national Republican leaders are currently in the process of recruiting SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson to run against Sen. Lindsey Graham in next year’s Republican Primary.
    Graham will have a Senate primary opponent in 2008. The only question is whether it will be someone so far right-wing that Graham can brush it off or if it would be someone more problematic. And Dawson would be problematic. Obviously, as Chair of the state GOP, Dawson has strong relationships with the Party's rank and file. And if Graham's approval really has sunk to an abominable 31%, Dawson would give Graham a real race. I suppose we'll have to wait for a formal comment from Dawson, who has so far said, "Somebody might step up and run against the senator -- certainly there's consternation out there." Pretty strong words from the Chair of Graham's state Party. The State even offers that Graham "is in deep trouble with hard-core conservative members of his own party." Hopefully, this will encourage a viable Democrat to step up and enter the race as well (Paging Robert Barber Jr.!).

  • Oregon: A couple weeks ago, I noted that Gordon Smith lost one of key corporate backers over tobacco taxes. Over the weekend, Loaded Orygun delved more deeply into the implications of Plaid Pantry CEO Chris Girard leaving the Smith camp. Perhaps someone should set up a meet-and-greet between Girard and anti-tax obsessive and possible Smith primary opponent Bill Sizemore.

  • Kansas: Another sign that Pat Roberts could be vulnerable to a strong Democratic challenger (beyond his own lackluster approval rating): not only is the KS-GOP reportedly facing lean financial times, but now the KS-GOP is getting sued over a labor dispute.

  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire offers some Q2 fundraising expectations from the Democrats and further vagueness from the Shaheen family regarding a timetable for a Senate announcement.

  • Alabama: Jeff Sessions continues to be George W. Bush's lapdog. Bush's disapproval in Alabama, by the way, stands at 57%.

  • Booman asks, "What kind of Senator are you?"

  • Lest anyone argue otherwise, the data Michael Moore's documentary SiCKO presents are accurate. So go see it.

  • Former Vice President Al Gore penned an op-ed for today's Sunday New York Times. Read it. And then read The Assault on Reason.

  • Watch MyDD later today for the Guru's first Sunday column there. Read, comment, disagree, offer ideas, enjoy.


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