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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Night Round-Up

  • North Carolina: Last night, the Guru pointed out that Elizabeth Dole's official Senate biography noted that she has zero accomplishments as a Senator. (See graphic at right.) I suppose Dole's office doesn't count "losing six Senate seats in a dismal showing as NRSC Chair" as an accomplishment worth touting. Anyway, if you go to Elizabeth Dole's official Senate bio now, the "Accomplishments" section has been removed. This means two things: 1) Dole's office would rather remove the "Accomplishments" section altogether than actually come up with any accomplishments to list (as there probably aren't any - heck, how can she accomplish much for North Carolina if she doesn't even spend much time there); and, 2) someone in Dole's office must follow the Guru's blog pretty closely. Thanks for reading, Liddy!

  • Maine: Tom Allen, Mike Michaud, and Olympia Snowe all agree that getting the troops home from Iraq is the top issue of concern to Mainers. Conservative-in-moderate's-clothing Susan Collins disagrees, unsurprisingly. Reports the Lewiston Sun Journal, "Unlike the other three, Collins' office said the consensus from constituents isn't to get out of Iraq right away, or even soon." Funny, I thought Collins' constituents were the same people as Allen's, Michaud's, and Snowe's constituents. Maybe they won't be Collins' constituents for much longer. Kudos to the Maine Dems for not wasting any time.

  • Oregon: Oregon state House Speaker Jeff Merkley confirms that he is considering a challenge to Gordon Smith and has met with DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer to discuss a run. Good to hear the rumblings of Democratic candidates building as the sub-50%-approval Smith is clearly vulnerable.

  • Texas: John Cornyn is getting a radical right-wing Republican primary opponent:

    Larry Kilgore, the former Dallas County Constitution Party chair who was (more or less) relieved of his duties for publicly supporting the death penalty for homosexuals, is now aiming his sights on the Texas GOP U.S. Senate primary against freshman incumbent John Cornyn, R-San Antonio. Kilgore, who is endorsed by Montana CP legislator Rick Jore and a host of other activists, finished second to Gov. Rick Perry in the gubernatorial primary last year, garnering 50,000 votes (8%).
    That should give Cornyn a few headaches. If the guy managed to get 8% in a TX-GOP gubernatorial primary, I think that's enough support to warrant Cornyn meeting him for a primary debate or two, if Cornyn has any spine. And with Cornyn currently enjoying a net-negative approval, a primary opponent could probably amass enough votes to really embarrass Cornyn. Here's Kilgore's website (warning: graphic language and imagery, seriously).

  • South Carolina: Speaking of Republican primary opponents, despite the immigration reform billed getting stalled in the Senate, South Carolina conservatives are awful sore with Lindsey Graham for his support for the legislation. I don't imagine it will be long before someone comes out of the woodwork to challenge Graham in a Republican primary, especially if Graham's approval-disapproval really stands at the hideous 31-40 level indicated by InsiderAdvantage.

  • New Mexico: CQPolitics profiles Democratic real estate developer Don Wiviott, who is aiming to take on Pajamas Pete Domenici.

  • New Hampshire: The Hill highlights the pressure that is building for former Governor Jeanne Shaheen to enter the 2008 Senate race in the Granite State coming just after a poll showing Shaheen demolishing Sprintin' John Sununu 57-29.

  • Happy third birthday, ActBlue!


    Blogger Andrew said...

    The Texas guy is hysterical and really sad.

    Democracy and terrorism go hand in hand, lol. Sure Palestine kind of showed that can be true and Bush has somewhat I spose too but wow...

    If he became President, this would be the Middle East but Christian instead of Islamic....

    3:12 AM, June 29, 2007  
    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    As I said in the Huckabee thread, your Dole picture got posted on the Hotline's Wake-Up Call, which most of the Hill reads everyday. I'm sure a phone call was made.

    And there's no way that Cornyn will engage this guy in a debate, and I can't imagine for the life of me what good would come out of giving this lunatic a megaphone such as a public debate. Cornyn should, and will, simply ignore him for the irrelevent idiot that he is.

    9:24 AM, June 29, 2007  

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