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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Giant Sunday Rundown

  • Wyoming: We could already be seeing a primary brewing in Wyoming for next year. Senate vacancy finalist and former state treasurer Cynthia Lummis "said she hadn't ruled out a run against [new Wyoming Senator John] Barrasso." While Barrasso will have the advantage of an albeit brief incumbency, there is recent precedent of a Republican Senate vacancy appointee losing a primary in his or her special election: 1996's Kansas Senate primary between Sheila Frahm, who was appointed to fill the remainder of Bob Dole's term when he retired from the Senate to focus on his Presidential campaign, and Sam Brownback who went on to win the primary and general elections.

  • Kentucky: Both The Bridge and Kentucky Women are hearing rumors that Democratic state Attorney General Greg Stumbo will announce the formation of a Senate exploratory committee very soon. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell has some angry sentiments pointed his way in letters to the editor of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

  • Nebraska: Not to deflate Democratic Senate hopes in Nebraska, but this Lincoln Journal Star article mentions the following: neither former Senator Bob Kerrey nor Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey will enter the Senate race if Chuck Hagel goes for another term; Kerrey categorizes his likelihood of a Senate bid as "not likely;" and Fahey reiterates that he is more likely to run for re-election as Mayor than run for Senate. I expect that Hagel will retire from the Senate, so hopefully the first point is moot. Kerrey has for the most part publicly stuck to his 1% likelihood of a Senate race, so the second point isn't too deflating. And until Fahey is ready to commit, it's the politically astute thing to say that he's leaning toward re-election as Mayor to keep Mayoral wannabes at bay for the time being. So, while this isn't too deflating after all, it is another day without either Kerrey or Fahey taking a step forward.

  • Montana: The Billings Gazette offers two pieces touching on disgraced former state House Republican Leader Mike Lange's expectation that he will challenge popular incumbent Senator Max Baucus in 2008. If you want to see the obscenity-laden tirade that got the disgraced Lange bounced from the state House leadership, click here.

  • New Mexico: Following former Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty confirming that Pete Domenici's call to him was "a significant factor" in the firing of former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, and following the bad press Domenici got in the Albuquerque Tribune, Domenici got even more bad press from a less likely source, the Albuquerque Journal. And the hits just keep on coming.

  • North Carolina: With Brad Miller about a week away from his decision on a Senate challenge to Elizabeth Dole, The News & Observer summarizes some of Dole's biggest weaknesses:

    But Dole has weaknesses. She has closely tied herself to an unpopular president. There has been grumbling that her constituent services have not matched that of her predecessor, Sen. Jesse Helms. And she has spent a lot of time away from North Carolina.
    Tied to Bush's bad policies, bad on constituent services, and rarely even in the state she represents. Yeah, sounds like a recipe for defeat. I hope Miller steps up and starts holding Dole accountable for her failings.

  • Tennessee: Following the news that businessman and gubernatorial son Mike McWherter is considering a Senate bid, Sidof79 offers his latest Tennessee Senate news recap.

  • Idaho: The Mountain West and Pacific Northwest Democrats really do stick together a look out for each other. Here, Blue Oregon touts Idaho's Larry LaRocco as the next Jon Tester of Montana.

  • New Hampshire: The Concord Monitor offers a recap of recent events in NH-Sen.

  • Discussing the 2008 Senate races is all the rage at MyDD and Booman Tribune.


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