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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Rundown

  • The Rothenberg Political Report released its most recent Senate rankings, using only three broad categories: Vulnerable (Minnesota, Maine, Colorado), Watch List (South Dakota, Louisiana, Oregon, New Hampshire), and Currently Safe (Everyone else). With such broad categories, there isn't much to analyze. My only comment is that New Hampshire should routinely be in the most vulnerable category. Given how out of step with New Hampshire Sprintin' John Sununu continues to vote on Iraq, stem cells, health care, the environment, etc., I just can't fathom how he gets re-elected.

  • New Hampshire: Speaking of Sprintin' John Sununu, he is getting taken to task on stem cells and Iraq (by retired Generals, no less) at the same time. Seriously, how can this guy get re-elected?

  • New Mexico: A Democrat willing to put up some serious bucks against Pajamas Pete Domenici is getting in the race: real estate developer Don Wiviott.

  • Maine: Tonight at 7pm Eastern time, Tom Allen will be hosting a live online discussion on Iraq at his website AmericaBlog highlights that, at the same time that Tom Allen will be discussing ways to end the fiasco in Iraq, Susan Collins will have her good friend and Iraq/Iran hawk Joe Lieberman raising money for her. In response, a round-the-clock online fundraising drive is occuring for Allen. So, join tonight's discussion on Iraq with Tom Allen, and then contribute to his effort to unseat Bush-enabler and Lieberpal Susan Collins.

  • Wyoming: WaPo's Cillizza wonders which of the three Senate finalists would "make it possible for Democrats to make this race competitive next fall when a special election is held for the remaining four years of Thomas' unexpired term." He offers that state senator John Barrasso is regarded as the strongest choice to hold the seat, but that Democrats would face an uphill battle against any of the three.

  • North Carolina: Blue South highlights the latest Public Policy Polling numbers, which puts Elizabeth Dole's approve-disapprove at a weak 48-40 and see Dole held under 50% in hypothetical match-ups against Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue and Treasurer Richard Moore. The numbers continue to illustrate Dole's vulnerability.

  • Kentucky: Mitch McConnell must be getting nervous because he's breaking out a dusty, old play from a dusty, old playbook. Draft Forgy has McConnell's most recent fundraising letter, which, by The Bridge's count, mentions "liberals" ten times. Oh, those scary liberals!

  • Idaho: Former Congressman Larry LaRocco is hitting the social networking sites.


    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    Rothenberg is part of the increasing conventional wisdom that there will be few shake-ups in the Senate this cycle, with just those seven seats in play. Generally, I agree with that assessment.

    The problem in New Hampshire is the candidates. If Shaheen gets in, then it becomes a Casey-Santorum match-up where Sununu starts off in the hole. But without a top-tier candidate, Sununu has the edge. I agree, though, that New Hampshire should be in the "vulnerable" category. Just swap it out with Maine, and it's all set.

    1:22 PM, June 21, 2007  

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