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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Round-Up

  • South Carolina: South Carolina conservatives are getting so furious with Lindsey Graham over immigration reform that I would not be shocked to see a Republican primary opponent running to Lindsey's right on immigration. To go with the Dump Lindsey Graham blog, there is also a Dump Lindsey website run by disenchanted conservatives.

  • Nebraska & Kentucky: Speaking of disenchanted conservatives, Right Wing News continues to highlight Jon Bruning's campaign against Chuck Hagel and the Draft Larry Forgy effort against Mitch McConnell. (HT: Draft Forgy)

  • Nebraska: Speaking of Hagel, Hal Daub continues to circle the state, trying to drive Hagel into irrelevance in Nebraska.

  • Kentucky: And, speaking of McConnell, C&L and Think Progress offer recaps of the Republican "leader" saying that he expects reduced troop levels and a change in Iraq strategy in the Fall. What? Didn't he get the memo? Nothing will change in September.

  • Oregon: While Gordon Smith spends another day kissing Republican leadership butt instead of, say, communicating with Oregon voters, disenchanted Oregonians will be protesting Smith and his votes to prolong Bush's Iraq War.

  • Oklahoma: Courtesy of the AP, more discussion of State Senator Andrew Rice as a potential opponent for Jim "In Denial" Inhofe.

  • Wyoming: The Republicans applying for the Senate vacancy are convening at a forum today. Look forward to news recaps tomorrow, as well as speculation on who will make the three-person short list to be sent to Governor Freudenthal. Here's the list of all of the Senate applicants with links to their applications. (HT: CQPolitics)

  • Texas: Question for any Texans checking this post out: Does Melissa Noriega's Houston City Council victory make State Representative Rick Noriega more likely, less likely, or just as likely to run for U.S. Senate?

  • Minnesota: MN Blue highlights an interesting irony. With Minnesota hosting the 2008 GOP Convention, Smilin' Norm Coleman has a chance to look good to Republicans around the country. But, he'll need the help of Democratic (DFL) Mayors RT Rybak of Minneapolis and Chris Coleman (no relation) of St. Paul to do it.

  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire outlines how Sprintin' John Sununu is an "obstacle to medical progress."

  • Think Progress has the video of Michael Moore discussing his new documentary "Sicko" with Oprah. Worth watching.


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