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Monday, August 06, 2007

Republican "Ethics"

  • Alaska: CQPolitics offers its profile of the scandal-plagued Alaska Congressional delegation headed by Ted Stevens, focusing on corrupt former VECO CEO Bill Allen and developer Bob Penney as the hubs of the corrupt circle of friends. Yesterday, Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer put Stevens square in his sight with his commentary on ethics reform:

    Congress passed a tough ethics reform bill last week. Washington ethics has become such an oxymoron that ethics reform usually draws a yawn, but it shouldn't this time.

    The FBI investigation of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, which coincidentally came to the fore as the bill passed, shows how badly it was needed.

    Stevens is no newcomer just learning the rules. He is 83 and the longest serving Republican Senator ever. He is an expert at bringing home federal dollars to his state and, in one case, slipped a secret request into a federal spending bill to obtain 1.6 million dollars for an Alaskan Marine Biology Center.

    What raised questions is that the Center then used the money to buy some land from the business partner of Stevens' son.

    Legal or not, is that how the rest of us want out tax money spent?

    Then there is the other part. The FBI wants to know why an Alaskan Energy Company that does a lot of business with the government, and whose owner has pleaded guilty to bribing state legislators, apparently took over the remodeling of the Senator's house.

    The Senator claims no wrongdoing, but who would even put themselves in such a position?

    The new law is not perfect, but it will make it harder to do all those things.

    As for Stevens, a friend says he sincerely believes he has done nothing wrong. To me, that's the most damning part. If that is what one of the Capitol's longest serving legislators really believes, then there is no question tougher laws were needed.
    Scathing. Crooks & Liars has the video.

  • Kentucky: Mitch McConnell is now officially campaigning for the election of a man who was indicted on three charges over improper state hirings, though former KY-GOP gubernatorial nominee Larry Forgy continues still to not rule out a 2008 Senate primary challenge to McConnell.

  • Fun with YouTube:

    What Democrats are about.


    What Republicans are about.


    Blogger Ari said...

    Nice! I love the use of the Undisputed Truth's classic "Smiling Faces" for the ad against Repubs. Perfect!

    3:04 PM, August 06, 2007  
    Blogger youngbuckbear said...

    loving your site man. check in every day, makes me really look forward to november of 08. It seems within the grasp of reality to believe we can get, as jon stewart says, "the 60 vote super majority."

    sorry to sound tangenital, just got registered tonight at blogger, and wanted to say what I've wanted to post for a while. Keep up the good work!


    1:09 AM, August 07, 2007  

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