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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

  • South Dakota: Talk about the comeback kid! In an interview that will air tonight, Senator Tim Johnson says that he will seek re-election in 2008. (HT: PW) This afternoon will be Johnson's first public appearance since his injury, at a thank-you event for supporters in Sioux Falls.

  • Idaho: News of Republican Larry Craig's arrest and guilty plea for lewd conduct in the men's bathroom of an airport is receiving a lot of, well, blowback. Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign, for which Craig served as a Senate liaison, is cutting all ties to him. Meanwhile, WaPo reminds us that "because Craig pleaded guilty to a crime, the incident may be reviewed by the Senate ethics committee. Its chairman, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), declined to comment last night." Craig's local paper of record, the Idaho Statesman, offers a look at both the current scandal and Craig through the years, going back to the 1982 Congressional page scandal and, even earlier, his college days, where his fraternity brothers dubbed him - I'm not joking - "Mother Craig." I'm sure developments in this story will continue to unfold. In the meantime, both Cliff Schecter and the Group News Blog have terrific missives on "overblown media scandals" and Republican hypocrisy.

  • North Carolina: State Representative and veteran of the War in Afghanistan Grier Martin continues to give careful consideration to a 2008 Senate challenge to Elizabeth Dole. Given his record of service in the state Legislature and the military, as well as the promise shown by early poll numbers, I hope he does opt for a bid. Blue NC concurs.

  • Oregon: has a section on Smith vs. Smith, highlighting some of his more notable flip-flops in rhetoric and votes.

  • Minnesota: The anti-tax zealots are displeased with Smilin' Norm Coleman for breaking his pledge to vote against "any increase of any tax."

  • Nebraska: The Lincoln Journal Star reports: "In a prelude to a possible Senate bid, Hal Daub resigned Monday as the Nebraska Republican Party‚Äôs national committeeman." The former Omaha Mayor says a decision on a 2008 Senate bid will come "soon."

  • Kos offers his latest Senate rankings, with a number of caveats.

  • Also, of the Senate Ethics Committee, Kos asks "Is there such a thing? Because if there is, why aren't Sens. Craig, Vitter, Stevens, Domenici, and Murkowski being investigated for their ethical and criminal violations?" It has been reported that there is a Senate Ethics Committee investigation ongoing regarding Domenici's role in the Attorney Purge scandal, but I've heard nothing of the other four. But all five do indeed have legitimate claims to an Ethics investigation. That's more than ten percent of the Senate Republican caucus. Makes one think.


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