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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Quick Hits

  • New Hampshire: Popular former Governor Jeanne Shaheen took in a healthy $1.3 million in Q4-2007 for her 2008 Senate bid.

  • Maine: The New York Times eviscerates Susan Collins:

    One of the greatest disappointments on this score has been Susan Collins of Maine, who is now up for re-election. Ms. Collins bills herself as a strong supporter of choice — something that has added to her reputation for independence — but she has rubber-stamped judges who are doing great damage to the right to choose.
    "Two-Faced" Susan is a giant hypocrite. (HT: Collins Watch) For good measure, Cliff Schecter tears Collins a new one on several issues.

  • Minnesota: Because Norm Coleman apparently has no accomplishments of his own to tout, Coleman is just releasing more attack ads, even though he is the incumbent and there is still more than nine months from Election Day and the Democratic primary is still far from decided. Coleman must be very, very worried. And with good cause, given that his one-time huge lead has evaporated into a statistical dead heat and given that Franken has routinely out-fundraised Coleman.

  • New Mexico: Republican Steve Pearce only managed to squeeze about $50,000 from the fundraiser he held with Dick Cheney. In November, a Cheney fundraiser brought in $110,000 for Republican Heather Wilson.


    Blogger Zeitgeist9000 said...

    Guru, room for Ford Jr. to jump in down in Tennessee? (Excerpted from CQ Politics)

    Senate Conservatives Unhappy With Alexander’s Direction

    "A newly elected Senate Republican leader is facing a revolt from his conservative colleagues for planning an agenda aimed at working with majority Democrats.

    Less than a month into his tenure as conference chairman, Sen. Lamar Alexander , R-Tenn., is coming under heavy fire from conservatives, who are planning to fashion an alternative Republican agenda for the year.

    Conservatives say the agenda they put forth will be meant to complement Alexander’s.

    But his candidacy had been opposed by hard-liners, and their dissatisfaction appears to be shared, to some degree, at the grassroots level."

    2:10 PM, January 24, 2008  

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