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Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Recap

  • Not only is the DSCC beating the pants off of the NRSC in fundraising, but, in many top tier races, Democratic Senate candidates are beating the pants off of their Republican opponents in fundraising, too. (So, if you're able, contribute a few bucks to some of the tighter races!)

  • Maine: Maybe Susan Collins would be better off running for a leadership role in a PAC outside of Maine. I say this because Collins has taken in twice as much money from PACs as she's taken in from Mainers; and, she's raised more than twice as much money from outside Maine than she has from inside Maine.

  • Nebraska: Businessman Tony Raimondo has, as expected, entered the 2008 Senate race as a Democrat; and he has a campaign website up. Meanwhile, a decision from Scott Kleeb should come any day now.

  • Kentucky: Mitch McConnell is on the hot seat for using videotaped statements of Louisville physicians in his campaign ads without their permission. Mitch McConnell acting unethically?!? Say it ain't so!

  • Minnesota: Environmental activist Jim Cohen, who withdrew last week from the 2008 Senate race, has endorsed Al Franken leading up to the Minnesota caucuses.

  • Oregon: With the subprime mortgage fiasco currently a very prominent issue, it's more than a bit surprising to learn that one Democratic candidate for Senate has never owned a home or taken out a mortgage.

  • Idaho: Democrat Larry LaRocco will get a first-hand look at the practical intricacies of Medicare Part D working his 17th job at the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy in Twin Falls.

  • On issue after issue, voters trust Democrats more than Republicans.


    Blogger bdunn said...

    I think the worrying thing about Novick isn't necessarily that he never owned a home, but more that he sounded so lost when speaking about the mortgage crisis while being interviewed by the Oregon version of Rush (well to be fair its hard to be as bad as Rush). While Novick is in over his head on the issue, Speaker Merkley, a long time affordable housing advocate, along with the rest of the legislature have some interesting proposals afloat to fix some of the problems during the special session that started today.

    1:00 AM, February 05, 2008  

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