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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Morning Fodder


  • New Hampshire: Former Governor Jeanne Shaheen's husband confirms that she is considering another run for Senate. The 2002 Sununu-Shaheen battle finished at a relatively close 51-47 decision, separated by less than 19,000 votes out of more than 432,000 cast. Given Sununu's low approvals, New Hampshire leftward trend, the current political climate, and Shaheen's experience and ability to fundraise, Shaheen getting in could solidify NH as the Dems #1 best pickup target.

  • Virginia: The state Democrats' fundraising machine is operating smoothly. Perhaps it will help encourage John Warner to retire in 2008.

  • Oregon: Coverage of Gordon Smith's rhetorical assault on the Bush War Record (i.e. Smith's own record) continues (here and here). I'm still waiting for either: Oregon's mainstream media to say "So where have you been all this time, Gordon?" or some members of the Democrats' deep, deep bench in Oregon to start throwing barbs Gordon's way for his hypocrisy, lack of leadership, finger-in-the-wind politicking and so on.


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