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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Uncertainty about Dole, Beauprez, and the '08 Dem Convention

Some morning hits:

  • North Carolina: One of Republican Elizabeth Dole's top strategists, Brian Nick, is leaving her office for another campaign. The News & Observer suggests:

    The move by Nick could generate more gossip that Dole does not plan to seek a second term in 2008. But Nick says that is nonsense.

    "She is fully committed to running," Nick said.
    We'll see.

  • Colorado: Outgoing Republican Rep. and failed 2006 Gov candidate Bob Beauprez comments on the 2008 Senate race in Colorado in the Denver Post:

    As for his political future, Beauprez in an interview Monday said he would not run against Republican U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard if Colorado's senior senator runs again in 2008.

    But he didn't rule out a run if Allard honors his term-limits pledge and steps down.

    "I'm not not looking at that seat," Beauprez said. "What I mean by that is I'm not saying no to very many things right now."

    Beauprez said he intends to stay active by writing about politics and policy on his website, ...

    He also pointed to party divisions stemming from Referendums C and D, a divisive U.S. Senate primary two years ago between Pete Coors and Bob Schaffer and this year's nasty GOP battle for the 5th Congressional District.
    To further weaken the Colorado GOP, it would be great to see another divisive Senate primary in 2008 - throw Beauprez, Owens, Tancredo, Schaffer, Coors, McInnis, and Suthers all in the mix for a knock-'em-down, drag-'em-out showdown.

  • And speaking of Colorado, the Democratic National Committee has officially delayed their final decision on a 2008 Convention site until January. It is between NYC and Denver. NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg cites concerns about NYC's other financial commitments, while Denver is working out potential labor issues. If Denver can work out its labor concerns over the holidays, momentum could swing back its way.


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