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Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Roundup

A bunch of bites from over the weekend:

  • Minnesota: The Star Tribune takes a thorough look at possible Democratic challengers to Republican target Norm Coleman. Included in the very comprehensive analysis are commentator/comedian Al Franken, Big Tobacco slayer Mike Ciresi, Ted Mondale, Ramsey County attorney Susan Gaertner, former DFL Senate leader Dean Johnson, state senator Becky Lourey, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Tammy Lee, U.S. Rep.-elect Tim Walz, former state auditor Judi Dutcher, state senator Steve Kelley, and, last but not least, U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum.

  • North Carolina: The News-Record takes a look at state senator Kay Hagan as a strong Democratic challenger to Republican Elizabeth Dole.

  • South Dakota: While Senator Tim Johnson is stably recovering, the Argus Leader takes a look at a likely match-up if Senator Johnson opted against running for re-election given recent events, moderate Democrat U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth versus radical Republican Gov. Mike Rounds. Meanwhile, Hawaii, with two octogenarian Democratic Senators and a Republican Governor, is being urged to revisit its Senate vacancy policy.

  • Colorado: As Denver loses momentum for the Democratic National Convention in 2008 (hopefully momentum will swing back to Denver before DNC Chair Dean makes his decision), the Rocky Mountain News captures outgoing Governor Bill Owens being coy about a 2008 Senate bid:

    You passed up the chance to become a U.S. senator in 2004, so are you getting a kick out of the blogs that say you're going to run for Senate in 2008?

    I've been in elected office for 24 years. Tim Wirth was in for 20, Hank Brown for 22. A lot of time people think, "Oh Bill, you're just getting started." No, I've done this a long time. I've really loved what I've done. I'm not burned out. I'm not tired of being governor. But I am ready to pass it on to someone else.
    Also, the piece gives reason to believe that Republican Senator Wayne Allard would get behind Owens if Allard retired and Owens ran for the seat:

    U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard, of Loveland: In 1995, when this country veterinarian/congressman was looking at running a long-shot campaign for the U.S. Senate, then-Treasurer Bill Owens was the only statewide elected official to support my candidacy. His foresight to support my run for U.S. Senate when nobody else had the guts to do it is something I will always remember and appreciate.
  • New Hampshire: From the Union Leader comes the Senate 2008 Guru Quote of the Weekend:

    "I have one thing to say to (U.S. Senator) John E. Sununu. You're next, we're coming after you Johnny."
    -Outgoing (and very successful) State Democratic Chairman Kathleen Sullivan in her final chairman's report, urging readiness for the 2008 election and focusing on deposing Republican Senator John Sununu


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