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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Domenici Looking Like a Candidate for Re-Election

  • New Mexico: Today's Albuquerque Tribune piece has Republican Pete Domenici looking more like a candidate for re-election than retirement (even though he is relatively light in the cash-on-hand at last check):

    Barring the unforeseen, Sen. Pete Domenici will never chair the Senate Energy Committee again, but the Albuquerque Republican is already preparing to resume some old battles in the new Democrat-controlled Senate.

    Early next year, Domenici and Sen. Ted Kennedy expect to unveil a new legislative approach to mental health to ensure it is given the same health insurance coverage as physical ailments. ...

    After a year that saw Congress complete action on only two of the 13 appropriations bills, Domenici told The Tribune he also is talking to other senators about reforming the oft-delayed and pork-ridden congressional spending process. ...

    And the 74-year-old Domenici is still planning a re-election campaign in 2008 despite all hoping to the contrary by younger politicians in New Mexico.
    Seems like he feels he has a lot on his plate. Nevertheless, between the likes of Tom Udall, Patricia Madrid, and others, we do have a solid bench in New Mexico to turn to as events unfold.


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