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Monday, December 11, 2006

Which Congresspeople Want to Move to the Senate?

Some interesting tidbits:

  • MUST READ!!: The Hill has a fantastic rundown of House members definitely-to-reportedly considering bids for the Senate, be they for challenges, open seats, or retirement-based potentially-open seats. The discussed Congresspeople include Democrats Mark Udall of Colorado, Artur Davis of Alabama, Tom Allen of Maine, outgoing Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee (who just narrowly lost his 2006 Senate bid), Betty McCollum of Minnesota, and Tom Udall of New Mexico, as well as Republicans John Shimkus of Illinois, Mike Castle of Delaware, Steve King of Iowa, Chip Pickering of Mississippi, and Tom Davis of Virginia.

  • Oregon: Speaking of Congresspeople looking at Senate races, as incumbent Republican Gordon Smith continues his flip-flop tour on Iraq, finally the Oregon bench begins taking Smith to task, in the person of a thinly-veiled criticism from popular Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer. (Oh, and how many times does Gordon Smith contradict himself in this article? Repudiating Bush but waiting to see what he does first, rhetorically criminal but not legally criminal, either get the troops out or invent more troops to send in... Gordo's all over the place trying to cover his ass.)

  • Tennessee: Did he or didn't he? Did Harold Ford Jr. let slip his 2008 plans to an elementary school class?

  • Mississippi: Kos, via Blue Sun Belt, offers more thoughts on a possible Cochran retirement and why former state Attorney General Mike Moore getting in as early as possible would be best for Democrats.


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